Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Advocacy

The Child-Friendly Faith Project has worked to advocate for former residents of Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch for the past few years. Many of the child residents at Cal Farley’s suffered ongoing physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. After leaving the ranch, many men lack skills needed to find work. They have struggled with addiction or gotten into trouble with the law, and some have committed suicide. The Child-Friendly Faith Project has connected survivors of the Ranch with legal assistance and provided community support in-person and virtually.

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End the EAD

The ecclesiastical abstention doctrine (EAD) allows faith-based institutions to avoid being held accountable for failing to keep children safe or for committing an act that harms a child by manipulating the justice system by arguing that any case against the institution should be dismissed, simply because the institution claims itself to be faith-based. The Child-Friendly Faith Project sponsors the End the EAD campaign, a public awareness effort designed to minimize the dangerous repercussions of this legal loophole.

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Faith Against Conversion Therapy

Faith Against Conversion Therapy (FACT) organizes faith leaders to take a public stand against conversion and/or reparative therapy, or the psychological manipulation and abuse of children in an attempt to “cure” homosexuality and other LGBTQ+ identities. FACT provides knowledgeable speakers to congregations and calls on the leaders of houses of worship to pledge to actively condemn these dangerous practices.

Religious Recovery Alliance

The Religious Recovery Alliance is a coalition of organizations working to end religiously enabled trauma in all its forms. The Alliance makes evident the adverse ways in which religious groups and practices can affect individuals in both the immediate and long-term.