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Surviving Clergy Sexual Abuse: A Survivor’s Journey (Podcast)

by Cultural Humility Podcast

Dr. Jaime Romo discusses his journey through clergy sexual abuse and discusses what we can all learn from survivors of clergy abuse. Dr. Romo discusses his reactions and perspectives about the current crisis facing our religious institutions today and what survivors can do to continue to heal. Read more

Mennonite, Amish face growing recognition of widespread sexual abuse in their communities

by Peter Smith, Shelly Bradbury, and Stephanie Strasburg

Martha Peight stood in the first row of the courtroom, shaking yet resolute, as she held the printout of her victim-impact statement. In the benches behind her sat members of area Mennonite churches, wearing the traditional plain clothing of a separatist culture she had left behind — the bearded men in work clothes or dark suits, the women in long dresses and head coverings. Read more

The Negative Association between Religiousness and Children’s Altruism across the World

by Jean Decety et al.

The findings of this University of Chicago study cast light on the cultural input of religion on prosocial behavior and contradict the common-sense and popular assumption that children from religious households are more altruistic and kind toward others. More generally, they call into question whether religion is vital for moral development, supporting the idea that the secularization of moral discourse will not reduce human kindness—in fact, it will do just the opposite. Read more

ParentShift: Ten Universal Truths That Will Change the Way You Raise Your Kids

by Linda Hatfield, Ty Hatfield, Wendy Thomas Russell

ParentShift is an extraordinary guidebook offering a refreshing new approach to raising confident, healthy, whole human beings from toddler to teen. Groundbreaking in its scope and methodology, ParentShift challenges some of our most popular disciplinary tools — including punishments, threats, bribery and rewards — all of which, science has shown, sabotage long-term goals we have for our kids. Read more

Parenting Beyond Belief (Podcast)

by Janet Heimlich, Dale McGowan

This podcast offers real-world guidance to secular parents raising children in a religious world. Hosted by Janet Heimlich, Dale McGowan, and others. Read more

Raising Freethinkers (Podcast)

by Dale McGowan

A podcast about raising compassionate, curious kids without religion. Hosted by Dale McGowan, editor and co-author of Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers. Read more

Coalition for Responsible Home Education

CRHE is a nonpartisan organization committed to ensuring that the interests of the homeschooled child are respected alongside the interests of the homeschooling parent. CRHE was created to educate and inform citizens, lawmakers, and service providers about the protections homeschooled children and youth need. Read more

Unashamed: A Coming Out Guide for LGBTQ Christians

by Amber Cantorna

On a daily basis, author and LGBTQ advocate Amber Cantorna receives emails asking the same question: How does one reconcile their sexuality with their faith? Depression, despair, and thoughts of suicide often haunt LGBTQ Christians as they feel unable to imagine the possibility of living a happy, fulfilling life as an LGBTQ person of faith. Read more