Child-Friendly Faith Communities designation program

What is the Child-Friendly Faith Communities designation program?

The Child-Friendly Faith Communities designation program is a comprehensive child abuse and neglect prevention curriculum developed by the Child-Friendly Faith Project. Participating in the program allows a religious organization to be designated a Child-Friendly Faith Community which offers numerous benefits.

How does it differ from other child abuse prevention training programs?

The Child-Friendly Faith Communities designation is specifically designed for religious organizations, whether they are large institutions or smaller, independent places of worship. Like many training programs, the CFFC designation program satisfies insurance requirements, but it also leaves faith communities with a more comprehensive understanding of all forms of child maltreatment, including that which is enabled by certain interpretations of scripture and doctrine.

Who can participate?

Any faith organization that strives to protect children from abuse and neglect and develop healthy programs for youth and families can take part in the program. A participant can be a religious organization, place of worship, or any faith-based program that directly or indirectly serves young people.

Why participate?

Faith communities that participate in the designation program enjoy a number of benefits. Chief among them is an increased awareness of children’s emotional, educational, and spiritual needs and an understanding of how to best prevent maltreatment. Participation satisfies insurance requirements. Also, with marketing help from the CFFP, a faith organization that completes the program serves as a “beacon” to the many individuals and families in the wider community looking to join a place to worship that truly understands children’s needs to feel and be safe.

What are the program’s requirements?

The cost for the designation program is based on a sliding scale, depending on the size of the participating organization. All participants designate an individual to serve as a CFFP liaison, who stays in communication with a member of the CFFP so that he or she receives proper guidance and support from the CFFP. Participants select a core team of individuals who will complete the three phases of the program.

How can I find out more?

If you would like to learn more about participating in the Child-Friendly Faith Communities designation program, please email us or call us at 512.825.2835. We look forward to hearing from you!