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The Trevor Project

by Peggy Rajski, Randy Stone, James Lecesne

Help center/hotline for crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ youths. Read more

Darkness To Light: End Child Sexual Abuse

by Anne Lee, Cindy Tew, Elizabeth Ralston, PhD, John G. Davis Jr, Isabel E. Jewell, Samuel Jewell, Stuart Christie, L. Russell Bennett, Stewart and Sylvia Birbrower, Kim Bealle

Trains and certifies adults to help them protect their communities' children from predators. Read more

The Outcast

by Rachel Aviv

After his son told him he had been sexually molested by a member of their faith, former top administrator of the Munkacz synagogue details how his community shunned him when he came to his son's defense and publicly accused the individual. Read more

The Child-Rape Assembly Line

by Christopher Ketcham |

Graphic first hand descriptions by a Rabbi detailing long standing, open, and systematic sexual abuse of minors by high powered individuals in the Jewish community. Read more

Punishment or Child Abuse?

by Michael Eric Dyson

The author describes the use of biblical beliefs and quotes to justify extreme and violent disciplinary actions by parents onto their children. Read more

Religion and Child Abuse

by Frank Schaeffer

Chilling and opinionated reports by a reporter for Huffington Post about abuse and atrocities committed in the name of religion. Schaffer shares from quiet stories that never garnered much attention, but deserved focus. Read more

Social Work Helper

This organization provides information and resources to educate academics, policymakers, social workers, students, and others looking to help a loved one. Read more

FaithTrust Institute

This organizations works to educate communities to grow with the knowledge and tools needed to address religious and cultural issues related to abuse. Read more

Freed Hearts

This organization helps families understand and accept their LCBTQI children and others in the community. Read more

Secular Therapy Project

This is an organization offers recovery services to those leaving a religion and individuals with no religious belief seeking mental health support. Read more

Recovering from Religion

This program helps individuals leaving a faith group to readjust to life without religion by offering community, hope, and support. Read more


This program helps victims of abusive and controlling environments by teaching them to readjust, heal, and rest before reentry into society. Read more

Interfaith Youth Core

IFYC works with colleges and universities to foster an appreciation of diversity and interfaith among students and adults. Read more

Godly Play

Texas based non-profit educational corporation that focuses on moral and spiritual development of children and adults. Read more

Children’s Defense Fund

The CDF encourages investment in preventative measures that can ensure a long and healthy life for all children, primarily the underprivileged. Read more

Truth Be Told

This documentary exposes the Jehovah's Witnesses religious organization as a profit-driven, isolationist culture, characterized by fear, totalitarian corporate leadership, failed prophecies, and improper handling of physical and sexual abuse allegations within the church. Read more

The Holocaust Lessons

by David A. Cooperson

Holocaust survivor and scholar Samuel P. Oliner's findings frame David A. Cooperson's study of the effects of corporal punishment on children and the case for compassionate parenting. Read more

Stress Free Kids

by Lori Lite's

Lori Lite's line of books and CDs are designed to provide children, teens, and adults with the tools necessary to reduce stress, lower anxiety, and decrease anger. Read more

Gracious Parenting

by The Gospel Coalition

A seminar with detailed handouts for parents looking to blend Christian faith with helpful parenting techniques. Read more

Do For the Bible Tells Me So

This documentary presents an argument for reconciling homosexuality and a literal interpretation of Biblical scripture by examining how people of faith deal with having a gay relative in their families. Read more

The Devil's Children

by Jean La Fontaine

This collection of writings looks at the impact that beliefs about spirit possession and witchcraft affect children. Read more

Banking on Heaven

by Dot Reidelbach, Laurie Allen

This documentary chronicles one survivor's abuse and domestic violence that occurred in her fundamentalist Mormon community and challenges the laws that protect these communities and fail victims. Read more

Bad Faith: When Religious Belief Undermines Modern Medicine

by Paul A. Offit, M.D.

Noted pediatrician Paul Offit gives readers a never-before-seen look into the minds of those who choose to martyr themselves for their children in the name of religion by actively refusing to seek medical treatment for preventable or curable diseases. Read more

Grace Based-Living

by Crystal Lutton

Pastor Crystal Lutton guides parents through a "grace-based." approach to child-rearing; her methods are Christian-based and devoid of physical punishment. Read more

ACEs Connection

ACEs Connection is a social network that supports communities to accelerate the global science movement of Adverse Childhood Experiences, recognizes the impact of ACEs in shaping adult behavior and health, and promotes trauma-informed and resilience-building practices and policies in all communities and institutions to help heal and develop resilience instead of traumatizing already traumatized people. Read more