What We Do


The Child-Friendly Faith Project is a national, nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity that seeks to end religious child maltreatment or RCM, which is defined as child abuse or neglect that is enabled by religious beliefs held by perpetrators, victims, or the surrounding community.


We fulfill our mission by raising awareness of RCM through educational programs that benefit the general public, survivors, and faith communities. Our goal is to help people understand how to identify RCM and its risk factors and to recognize its negative impact on children. Our programs are designed to accomplish three key goals:

1. Educate the Public
We manage a website that is one of the most comprehensive in offering vital information on RCM. We also oversee social media outlets that allow the public to discuss and learn about this issue, and we give media interviews and slideshow presentations at notable events.

2. Support Survivors
We maintain a clearinghouse of resources to help survivors of RCM find reputable therapeutic programs, and we advocate on behalf of survivors seeking to communicate with religious institutions and organizations that have harmed them.

3. Partner with Faith Communities
We offer curricula to faith communities interested in learning more about RCM and how to protect children.


To find out more about our work, please email us at info@childfriendlyfaith.org. To make a donation to the CFFP, please click here. To learn more about religious child maltreatment, please read this blog post by CFFP founder Janet Heimlich. Thank you for being part of our Child-Friendly Faith movement!