IRS & State Filings

The Child-Friendly Faith Project is committed to ending child abuse and neglect enabled by religious, spiritual, and cultural ideologies. We strive to accomplish this goal through educational efforts that include raising awareness of these issues among the general public and developing programs specifically designed for faith communities and professionals in the fields of child protection.

To maintain our minimal operations and develop and implement our unique and vital educational programs, the CFFP accepts donations and grants from individuals and foundations and fees for our services. To understand just how your financial contribution can be directed toward a specific project of the CFFP, please click this link. All donations are tax deductible.

Below are our filed documents with governmental entities.


IRS Form 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Determination Letter

IRS 2015 990-EZ Filing

IRS 2014 990-EZ Filing

IRS 2013 990-N Filing

IRS 2012 990-N Filing

IRS Form 5768 Application to Influence Legislation

Secretary of State Certification of Formation Letter

Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit