Our First Grant!


Foundation Beyond Belief selects the Child-Friendly Faith Project as a beneficiary organization! 

The CFFP is proud to announce that it has been chosen as one of five beneficiary organizations entitled to receive funding from members of the Foundation Beyond Belief. The FBB is a charitable foundation that focuses, encourages, and demonstrates humanist generosity and compassion.

The CFFP was chosen under the “Challenge the Gap” category which covers organizations that work with faith communities to carry out their good works. We hope that humanists who believe in the mission of the CFFP will become an FBB member and donate to the CFFP and other extraordinary organizations. Read a great description about the CFFP on the Foundation’s blog.

We are most grateful to the FBB for this marvelous gift and recognition. And we hope that people of all faiths and value systems will continue to support the CFFP by volunteering their time or donating via our homepage. Want to get involved with our work? We are currently developing some exciting new programs to support faith communities in their efforts to nurture children and protect them from abuse and neglect enabled by ideology. Please join us!

The Child-Friendly Faith Project aims to end child abuse and neglect that is enabled by ideology and a lack of understanding of child development. It exposes problems and supports faith communities in their efforts to nurture children and protect them from maltreatment.

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